4 Ways to improve Cultural Awareness at Workplace

Along with the fact that the world is growing internationally, we now have an easier access to other cultures than ever before. Other cultures now has penetrated into many aspects of our life–we can get different cuisine at our door side, we hear other language every day and we make friends and do business with people of other cultures. It is very crucial to appreciate and understand other cultures because our world is growing as a family.

Even though it might be hard for some people in some circumstances to understand there are more than one ways of conducting things other than those ways where you have been brought up, the importance of cultural awareness nowadays does not only benefit your work or business but also stimulate your mind.

It is more than significant to understand the importance of cultural awareness between employees at workplace if you own an internationally multicultural business. Your business can benefit from not only enhanced company culture but also improved ways of dealing with clients of other cultural background.

Here are 4 ways to promote cultural awareness at workplace


1. Speak Loud Your Questions about Other Traditions

Have you ever felt confused about different traditions you see from other cultures and have many questions? If your company happens to employ someone from that cultural background, speak out your questions with them and let them help you clear your confusions. For example, you have always been wondering how cosmetic acupuncture works? Ask your Chinese co-worker since nowadays Chinese people have invaded in nearly all industries, and you can’t do your business without them. Not only is it a great way to break the ice among different cultures but also an effective way to build a deeper and firmer connection and bond.


2. Get an Old-Fashioned Map

A great and creative way to improve cultural awareness is to place an old fashioned map in a public area like a café or conference room where everybody would see every day, and put stickers with names on the country they are from. This is a good way to create topics and start conversations for employees, and also a reminder of other cultures at workplace that helps them with a sense of diversity.


3. Celebrate Your Employees’ Holidays

CelebrateA great way to boost team building is activities like events and celebrations.

Start by sending out emails with listed holidays of other religions and cultures to your employees, and a small events or celebrations for it. It helps other employees appreciate and understand other cultures, also enhance their sense of belonging participating in activities like this.


4. Hold an International Food Day 

partyIf you have a great number of nationalities gathered in the office, consider holding an international food day event where every employee brings a cuisine from their home country and make it a buffet once a year.

Food is one key element that represents a culture. Not only can employees try and appreciate other kinds of food that they never try before, but also can this pull of a whole discussion of other cultures, and it will significantly help to boost cultural awareness at workplace.