5 Benefits of Becoming a Life Coach

The 200 million career–life coaching is booming. This rewarding and fulfilling career has been desired by many people. Not only you get to help people identity their obstacles and work through towards a better life, but also get paid with the flexibility of location and time. As there is no governing body overlooking its legitimacy, anyone can claim they are a life coach after watching some YouTube tutorial or attending some doggie coaching course, which leads to various quality level of life coach out there. If you have been dreaming about becoming a life coach, you should contribute to this industry by attending legitimate and good quality coaching courses. Here we put together 5 benefits life coach can offer. Continue to read to find out.

1.    Life Coaching is rewarding and fulfilling.

Life coach is a different career from other ones. Life coaches must love coaching and helping people in the to carry it up to the next level. Another reason why life coach is rewarding and fulfilling is that you will be working with clients who are eager and hungry for more knowledge, and to achieve. It brings in a sense of positivity when you see people making their life better and the world becoming a better place.

2.    Life Coach can Work Anywhere They Wish

Thanks to be our advanced technology, life coaching can be done on the phone or on the internet. Therefore you can actually coach your clients anywhere you want—their homes, office or while travelling. It gives both you and your client biggest room and flexibilities to work together.

3.    Life Coaching Accelerates Your Personal and Professional Development

If you are someone who enjoys and seeks for constant personal and professional growth, life coaching is for you! Life coaching is an environment that constantly encourages learning and growth. When you coach your client, both of you get to learn from each other’s experiences and thoughts.

4.    A Life Coaching Business Could Bring You a High Income

Life coaches in a private one to one session earn an average of $130 per hour, with a range between $100 $300 per hour. Coaching can be effective, that is why many people are willing to pay big bucks for just an hour conversation. You might be able to clear your client’s confusions and help him/her realize what his/her heart truly desires with a 30 minute talk. And you will get over $100 for having this chat with people and helping them.

5.    Life Coaching Expands Your Network

Everybody’s definition of success is different. Some might focus on professional success more, others might see personal success as an ultimate goal. A career in life coach is able to offer you both. It offers you the opportunity to become extremely successful and expands your network widely. Shown in many studies that the level of happiness is strongly related to our personal relationships. In other words, if you have close and great relationships with others, the chances that you are happier are higher. Being able to work with other clients towards a mutual goal allows you the opportunities of building deep and prolong relationships, which is one of the greatest gifts you can retain.