5 Kinds of Picture You Should Never Use on LinkedIn

In today’s day and age, LinkedIn has become a vital tool for not only attracting new business, but for networking with companies and corporations all over the globe and to help identify future trends in your companies market.

With it being such an important tool, you have to bear in  mind that although this is technically a social media platform you have to be extremely careful over the way you present yourself and your profile. So lets look at a few photograph types that you should never, ever use to represent yourself and your business on LinkedIn.

1.     The Filter Frenzy

This is not Instagram, and you are not Kim Kardashian, so beauty filters or a cute dog nose and ears is not really suitable for your professional photograph is it? Do you really think that anyone will take you seriously with a pair of dog ears hanging from your head? Let alone seriously enough to hire you as their new Director of Communications.

2.     The Hatred of Life

As all that most people who reach you on LinkedIn will see is your face, shoulders and neck, its important that you don’t come off as too serious or over intense. This can have a very off-putting effect on the viewer and they may think twice before contacting you. Avoid hard staring directly into the camera. Remember your trying to grow your company not auditioning for a part in the next Matrix.

3.     The Mr. Motivator

Seriously, it’s great that your so into your personal fitness. I’m sure everybody thinks that, however, if somebody is looking to contact you for Marketing services they are not going to care that you deadlifted 280kgs at CrossFit last week. They will go with the person who looks clear, professional and ready to provide them, with their expertise. Not somebody grimacing under the weight of their dumbbells.

4.     The Mirror Selfie

This is the opposite of what you want to try and portray on your professional portrait. You couldn’t be organized not only to not have a professional looking or normal photograph, but you decided that your grainy, disorientating and downright artificial looking mirror selfie was the very best that you could conjure up? Really? We’re not sure we even need to describe how this looks terrible.

5.     The Blurry Nightmare

With todays photo editing software that is available for free download on the web there is really no excuse for you to have a blurry and indistinct. If it’s really that bad that Photoshop can’t help I’d suggest investing your professional credibility in a different photograph.


Hopefully this gives you an idea of what you should avoid when you choose your LinkedIn profile picture. You have been warned. Follow this link for more information on LinkedIn headshots.