Avoid Damage from the Sun at Home

Given the climates experienced in most parts of China and India, sun cancer and various other ailments associated with extended exposure to sunlight are things which people need to be seriously concerned about. Many of us do not appreciate how easy it is to experience symptoms associated with damage caused by the sun. Whilst many folk nowadays have jobs which keep them indoors throughout the day, adequate protection should still not be discounted. If you are someone who does work outdoors then taking preventative measures should be an even greater priority.

Now there are numerous articles online and just within general public thinking about how we should wear sun cream, sun glasses, cover up as much as possible and wear a hat. But how many of us consider what we can do to prevent the overexposure to the sun’s rays when we are at home? How many people enjoy a nap outside on a hot day at the weekend or fall asleep indoors next to a window which is then magnifying the sunlight onto our skin? There are some very simple ways to mitigate these issues but far too few people do anything about them.


As strange as it may sound one highly effective way of preventing damage caused by the sun is to eat the correct foods. New research has identified some foods you should seriously consider eating if you want to give your body as good a chance as possible at fighting off the effects of sun damage. Citrus fruits contain limonene which is said to lower the risk of sun cancer. Green tea, which is highly popular in China already, is great for boosting one’s health in many ways and it is packed with antioxidants which help to prevent damage in skin cells which have suffered from UV light. Carrots and other red fruit and vegetables contain carotenoids which help to battle sunburn. Salmon is full of omega 3 and this prevents sun burn also as well as stopping the DNA changes which can cause cancer.


You should also keep yourself out of the direct sunlight as much as possible. Of course we want to enjoy the warmth and sit out in the fresh air as much as possible but sitting cooking underneath a strong summer sun is a quick route to serious skin problems. You should have parasols in your garden or quality outdoor awnings in places where you are likely to be sitting out. I recently had some installed in my house in Melbourne. It has allowed me to enjoy the hottest sunny days outdoors whilst not frying under the intense sunlight. Various suppliers across China and India are also available and you should seriously consider having some installed in your home. Not only can they give you a shaded area outdoors but they can be extended to keep you cool when you are sitting indoors too and this can reduce electricity costs on fans or air conditioning.