The Dos and Don’ts of Swimming Pool Care

Having a swimming pool is one of life’s great luxurys, but taking proper care of a swimming pool is a pretty involved process. There are many caveats and pitfalls awaiting the novice owner which can be very hard to see coming unless you do your research first. Knowing where to start can seem like a challenge all of its own, so to help simplify the search, here are four do’s and don’ts all pool owners should know to get you started.

swimming pool

Do – Start slowly

A swimming pool is a lot more than a hole in the ground with water in it. Uncovering your pool and filling it with water does not mean that it is ready to use, in fact it is definitely unsanitary and might even be dangerous. The pool will need to be cleaned, both of debris and chemically, then the pump needs to be on and running long enough to pull pretty much all of the water in your pool through the filters. This adds to the cleaning and gets your pool to a reasonable point where it should be safe enough.

Don’t – Ignore the pH level

The pH level in the water is one of the biggest management tasks pool owners face. This tells you how acidic or alkaline the water currently is and as such regular checks are essential as if the pH level deviates one way or the other it can irritate eyes and skin or worse. Testing kits are widely available and make monitoring the pH level simple and rebalancing it is just a case of introducing the relevant chemicals to the water.

Do – Use algaecide

Algae is one of the biggest threats to a clean pool. It builds up on the sides of the pool and in the pipes, pump and filters which can lead to discoloured water, bad smells and even sickness for swimmers. Using algaecide to treat a problem before it grows out of hand is an absolute must and treatments aren’t complicated or expensive. But if algae is allowed to take hold then the cost or repair and refurbishment will be a lot more than a bottle of chemical treatment.

Don’t – Be afraid of basic maintenance and repair

Patching loose grout or replacing broken tiles should be a task that pool owners get comfortable performing. These are relatively simple and low cost repairs that prolong the life of the pool, providing a better all round experience. For bigger problems or more substantial repairs then knowing when to call in the experts such as West Coast Pool Resurfacing is a skill all of its own.

swimming pool

There is plenty to know about owning a pool, but these four simple tips are a great place to start. Forgetting that a pool is actually a careful balancing act of numerous factors is a surefire way to shorten the life of the pool and, in a more severe case, cause serious sickness in swimmers. Hopefully, this is a great starting point to ensure that you look after your pool so that you can enjoy it safely.