Most famous and popular monuments in Brisbane

Brisbane has long been established by many Australians to be a place of great food, diverse culture and the source of a fantastic skyline from both the city and the beaches as the sunsets over the Gold Coast area. One of the things that makes Brisbane’s skyline so unique and beautiful is the striking monuments and buildings that dot the horizon of the area and many visitors to the city and the  gold coast can have a great time exploring some of these as well as marveling at the beautiful effect that it has on the sunset. So let’s look at some of these monuments and the history behind them.

Goodwill Bridge

Opened in 2001, the Goodwill Bridges main purpose was to provide an adequate travelling space across the river via out or bicycle. It has been met with very positive reviews form resents on the riversides suburbs as being one of the vital transport links for far out suburbs to get into the city without having to drive or take the bus and the bridge itself contains no motorized transport. Spanning across the Brisbane River it also provides a great backdrop for romantic walks, on a hot summer’s day, during a beautiful sunset or for an adventurous night experiencing Brisbane’s fantastic nightlife.

The Wheel of Brisbane

Erected in 2008, the Wheel of Brisbane was an amusement inclusion offering both visitors and residents amazing views across the Brisbane cityscape along with an exciting new activity for all ages as you are crested high into the sky above the city. Located in the South Bank Parklands by the Brisbane River it was also the site of the World Expo 88 and was erected as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the famous event. Being fully air conditioned and contains 42 separated capsules and is evocative of the famous London Eye that was opened for the Millennium celebrations.

The Old Windmill

A piece of stonemasonry that is part of the very fabric of Brisbane’s History, being the one of the oldest remaining convict building in the whole state and the oldest historic windmill in the Queensland. It was built in the 1820’s by the first convicted European convicts of the era to grind the corn and wheat that they relied on during this time. It has since become a historic building being added to the Queensland Heritage Register in 1992 drawing thousands of visitors of all ages from all over the world who are all humbled not only by the buildings age but also the personal plight of those who built, worked and relied on the mill in their lives back in the days of the Penal Colony.

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