How to Ensure You Choose the Right Gym

So it’s the start of the new year and you too have decided like half of the world it seems to join the gym. Whether it’s through over indulgence or due to being spurred on by your newly found determination you are not alone.

However, many people fall flat on their face at the first hurdle and the surge of new applicants at gyms quickly drops away over the following weeks.

Admittedly some people might not have been fully committed to the idea or life simply ends up getting in the way but one of the reasons why a lot of people give up so soon is because they are picking the wrong gyms. The word tends to be used as if all gyms are the same but that really isn’t true.

If you end up not finding the right gym to suit your needs and wishes, then it can quickly become a hassle which you no longer need or you just end up not enjoying it as much as you thought you might.

Whatever your circumstances are, you should absolutely put some research into your decision so hold tight and take a while to explore all of the factors you should take into consideration when selecting a gym.


It goes without saying that the cost of a gym will be a key reason to continue visiting a gym. What might have been a spur of the moment decision can quickly become less appealing when the costs start to spiral.

You need to budget yourself according to your circumstances and this needs to be done long term. Be honest with yourself because if you are going to stop visiting the gym after only a few weeks or months your money will have been wasted anyway.

Something that you should be very cautious about is that gyms are notorious for dropping their signing-on fees in January due to the fact that they are fully aware that lots of people will apply. Don’t get seduced by the initial low prices and add up the cost across the year.

As well as this, if you do choose to go with a gym be careful what sort of extras they try and make you sign up for and the duration of the contracts they want you to agree to. You can easily end up spending much more than you envisioned.


What sort of exercise are you actually looking to do at the gym? This will dictate exactly what sort of equipment and activities on offer are suitable to your requirements.

There’s no use signing up at the gym when you are looking to do aerobics classes and such like when the gym is catered to body builders and heavy lifting.

Chances are you’re not going to hang around if it is not the right environment for you. You need to go and have a look around first before committing to any gym and ask questions of the people working there.


As well as going into the gym to get a feel for what sort of equipment they have on offer it will be well worth your while to spend a bit of time there getting a feel for the sort of people who frequent it.

Unfortunately, some gyms can become nothing more than a poser’s paradise or a place to pick up the other sex. By spending a short period there you will quickly get a feel for the environment.

The last thing you want to do is spend cash on a membership fee to find out that you really don’t like the atmosphere at the gym you have signed up with and you stop going.

Look around as much as possible so you find exactly what you want even if it does mean travelling further or paying a little more.

If you are looking for a less raucous location without the associated problems with such gyms, then you could look to find a high-end executive gym.

There you will be with fellow professionals and in a place you feel comfortable so shop around and make sure you find the type of gym you really want. That way you will keep going back and it will be worth your while.