How to improve morale in your office

People get tired, people get frustrated, people get sick, these things are inevitable in any place of work and sometimes it’s just unavoidable that these things will happen. However, it’s important to remember that there are some factors that contribute to workplace stress and disharmony that can be avoided and they are not exclusively big or costly things to invest in. We aren’t exactly talking about giving everybody a pay rise and 1 week extra holiday every year, it’s more like calculating the cost of an improvement or way to improve overall morale against how much of a difference it will make in the long run.

The benefits that you are likely to receive from a motivated staff are increased productivity as people start to engage more with their work, increased levels of job satisfaction as they start to throw off the slump and take pride in what they are doing and high levels of teamwork and cooperation as people come up with new ways for departments to work together on projects, so let’s take a look at some great ways to perk up your workforce and get them loving what they do!

Take them for a meal

This could be a company breakfast, lunch or possibly dinner as you show your appreciation to the team by bringing them out of work to eat their lunch and obviously footing the bill. This will make your staff feel like you are finally noticing the work that they put in and will feel extremely glad to be out of the office in a new environment for their lunch rather than the plain hum-drum of their ham sandwiches at their desks. Doing this also has the effect of bringing your team together in a more social environment than the office, helping create an office dynamic and to forge friendships in the workplace.

Be sure to let your team know a few days in advance and take suggestions on where you should go, obviously we aren’t talking about taking them to the Ritz but there’s no problem going to that new pizza place down the road. Be sure to not appear as if you are “cheaping out” in anyway and avoid fast food joints as they can become unorganized and hectic during lunch hours. Be sure to also factor in how long it will take your staff to get there and get back to the office if you are going to have breakfast or lunch and then factor that time in accordingly with the day’s workflow.

Revitalizing the workspace

Over the years, your once pristine and modern office will become outdated, damaged and worn by the constant flow of people coming and going about their business and making use of the facilities. Obviously nobody likes to work in an ugly or uncomfortable environment and can have a major impact on how your employees feel about coming into work every day. And if it’s been a few years since it was last overhauled you might want to think about getting the office refitted an brought into the modern word at the same time tackling any bug bears with the office itself.

Be sure to involve your team in the process and take on board any ideas they may have or problems that they have identified. So why not bring your office and equipment up to date to not only increase efficiency and at the same time give your employees a vibrant and comfortable environment to work in.

If you are considering refitting your office and are looking for a reliable office fitout company. Make sure you do your homework. Check out their previous work history, testimonials on their website and their online reviews.

Appreciate their work

One of the main bug bears of any office is when management or even just the people higher than you in a company not only take your ideas and criticism of the company and its processes on board, but also neglect to show any kind of acknowledgement or appreciation for the work that you do. Sometimes, even just a little chat about how good their last contribution to a group project was can go a long way to showing your employees that you are grateful for the extra effort they put in.

Before you actually spend a penny on any other kind of solution, try actually talking to your employees and see what things they would like to see change, and how you could make their lives easier at work, within reason.