Imported Chinese Foam VS Australian Standards

There always have big differences between products when they are produced from different origins, and this is exactly the case with foam. Not all foam is created equally! Chinese foam manufacturers always offer their products with a lower price than other markets do but it doesn’t mean that it will good for you. Most of the time, people are looking for cheapest-priced products however, you should carefully decide between quality products that last longer than cheaper ones or the cheapest one you can afford when you may have to buy a new one after very little use.

Recently, most beds that claim to be medical foam mattresses are made in China. So, we should analyse them and the imported Chinese foam, to give you an easier decision when it comes to the point when you have to buy one.

Imported Chinese foam

It is a clever strategy in marketing if you claim that your mattress is medical foam that will take your pain away. In fact, only memory foam can be medical foam which provides the proper support and reduce the pain.

Some factories in China usually add clay fillers to their memory foam which causes it to break down quicker. Moreover, some studies said that certain Chinese foams contain carcinogens which can lead to harmful out gassing of toxic gas. This is totally dangerous to your health, so it is important to assure that the products you buy have been checked for safety before buying one.

Another important factor for memory foam mattresses is the density of the mattress as it is an indicator of durability and performance quality. However, it doesn’t mean that the higher the density, the better quality the product because too much density can cause an interrupted sleep such as through the slow rebound time when turning over.


Actually, I would suggest you purchase foam that is produced in your region instead of imported foam. Mattresses are not popular import items because of their size and the cost of transportation. Memory foam has become known as a high standard product as it was first developed for NASA and then used commercially, in the area of health institutions. In the past, it was way too expensive since the production process remained difficult and unreliable. In recent times however, the technology has developed and so it has become more widely available.

There are several manufacturers and suppliers who provide various types of foam mattresses included foam cut to size, memory foam mattress and other products; however, you should always consider the standard and quality of them first before making a decision to buy one.