It is MAN who created language, not robots

We have to accept that technology has been growing so fast. It’s no surprise as Man has the the ability to invent many amazing creations to make our life easier.

Computers and mobile phones have become some of the items that we are using the most in our daily life. We use them to do almost everything such as communicating with our family and friends, researching for homework, booking hotels, ordering food, and keeping up with the entire world through social media etc. There are endless usage for these devices but let’s discuss a very specific one on this blog: translation.

We live in a world with billions of people who speak thousands of different languages each unique on its own. The internet has become so powerful that it contains unlimited information to be searched and shared. In this diverse environment not one person is able to speak all the languages. Most of us end up using translation tools as Google Translate or applications on smartphones. After all, who would want to spend their money on something they can have get for free. These tools are created as machines, so it will accordingly function as one. Usually the outcome can be decent enough to be understood, but with some specific and complicated topics like healthcare, legal, engineering or government documents – translations can get really tricky.

Communication is an essential part of our entire ecosystem and this is most applicable to us humans. We use it in our everyday lives at home, at school and at work. At work is most likely where a translation will be critical. Using Google translate whilst Facebook chatting with a spanish speaking friend in Mexico will probably still run pretty smoothly despite a few incorrectly translated words. In a business setting however, it’s not as easy to edit a document that’s already been sent. “Ooops, we sent the wrong document.” will also be deemed unprofessional and may cost a business the trust of their faithful, long term clients.

As mentioned, translating programs can be useful to an extent. Thus, it will be advisable to always double check and proofread the translated document first before it gets sent out in order to avoid any risks of errors that might send the wrong impression of the company. Another, and may be the best option is to get the documents translated professionally.

Liguistico translation services are available to cater to this demand. They provide translations related to different fields of study and topics. The translations are done by humans and not machines – as their main motto goes. Experienced and knowledgeable human translators are their biggest asset and what has enabled the team to offer world-class translation services. You can rest assured the message is delivered clear and professionally according to the your requirement and with an appropriate voice.

Why choose the free & cheap translating tools and risk wasting your time and effort in the end? Why work with a robot when you can work with translation experts who can eliminate those risks entirely and deliver results efficiently? With translation, no one else can do it better than humans who created language.