What skills look great on your CV

Your CV is a window for potential employers to see exactly what kind of person they could be employing if they choose you. There are three kinds of CV, the good, the bad, and the irrelevant. And the last two are completely unacceptable, in fact we would go as far to say an irrelevant CV is worse than a badly written one, nothing will convince the person screening them to toss it straight into wastepaper bin is information they don’t need to know or doesn’t directly relate to skills that you would be able to transfer into the job you are applying for. So let’s take a look at some of the skills that will really make your CV pop out from the pile and get noticed.

Microsoft office skills

Knowing certain Microsoft Office based skills can make you a true asset when it comes too office work, for the pure reasons that making clearly laid out and easy to understand PowerPoint presentations are a true skill that can actually generate revenue by making sales presentations and graphics. Another maligned and useful skill that employers look for is proficiency with Excel. Making automatically calculating spreadsheets and accurate and attractive looking graphs is desirable and it’s something that is genuinely hard to learn for those not very adept and mathematics. Please click the following link to find out more about Microsoft Excel training.

Customer Service Skills

This is one that should really always be on your CV for any retail/customer service/Sales position, the ability to talk, connect and empathize with your customers and help your company’s reputation regarding customer service. Good customer service skills not only show that you’re good at, well, servicing customers but also that you can in general connect with people and hold a conversation

Persuasion and negotiation

Being able to show somebody the wisdom in you approach or viewpoint is a really important skill in a lot of different industries. Particularly in sales this is all about persuading the customer how and why investing in your product will be particularly beneficial to them. Persuasion can also have internal effects if you are in a management position, as somebody who is looked upon to lead the team through all kinds of different problems that the team may encounter and being able to persuade them to a certain course of action is the right one will unite everybody in the team and keep them all on the same wavelength. Negotiation can be a great skill from everything from real estate to sales as you will at some point have to know the art of pressuring for more and conceding for less.