Tips for overhauling your garden

There comes a point where you will eventually look out at your garden with contempt, unorganized and messy looking gardening equipment hurriedly bundled together in a convenient corner out of the way, the patchy and unkempt lawn which is pretty much dying or dead, the unloved, weed infested flowerbeds that are a far cry from their former glory.

Eventually you will probably decide that something needs to be done about this and redesigning your garden has never been easier, however for those who are not particularly green fingered, starting this kind of DIY job can be a little unnerving. Luc kingly we’ve put together a few tips to help keep you on track and focused on the more important jobs.

Best Laid Plans

Now you can’t expect to get amazingly far without a plan for all of this can you? Luckily were not talking about an architectural blueprint here, just a simple yet organized 2d floor plan of your garden.

Take a walk around and weigh up the things that you are able to keep or want to keep, what things need repairing and what things need outright replacing. This will also help you too come up with a list of materials needed to complete the redesign. Also consider using a colour code system so that its easy to evaluate a particular area when prioritizing tasks.

Shrub life
So you have you plan laid out, now you want to try and create some dynamic levels to your garden and add some structure to make the focal points really stand out.

Once the exclusive territory of landscapers, gardeners are now beginning to move towards including these into their gardening projects to incorporate a less sterile, more organic and natural looking garden with consummate ease. Bear in mind that you must thoroughly research the individual species of shrub you intend to use in your redesign as some of them are fast growing, nutrient sapping species that do not mix well with other plants.

Turfs up!

Without proper care or ,maintenance, two things can happen to your once immaculate lawn, it can either become too high and over grown, or it can become dried out, patchy and for all intents and purposes is dying.

There are many different solutions to fixing your lawn including things like reseeding but who wants to go through all of that? Another great option is to go for natural turf lawns. These great looking and easy to install and maintain lawn solutions come in a variety of different species and shades meaning that you can find one to fit just about any garden.

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