Top Trade Tips for Construction Firms

The construction trade is one of the oldest and most well respected trades around and there is no end to the amount of services that a good construction firm can provide. And starting up a firm normally comes after many hard years on the job, learning your trade and developing your own list of independent clients whom will most likely fuel you’re early business and help you to flourish. However, setting up a firm is never an easy task and effort is often the deciding make or break factor for smaller business owners in this trade as to whether they are ever successful in building up a strong company with a good reputation for excellent work.

However, there is more to this monumental task than merely putting your name on the yellow pages and getting a few ads set up, it takes careful consideration, time money and of course the right kinds of contacts and a decent flow of clients initially are all things that will benefit you in the long run, but normally your average tradie during his career will have picked up a fair few tips on exactly how to do this, but if you really are unsure of how to turn your skill at the job into an independent company, take a look at a few of our suggestions.


Good Labour

A lack of labour in the initial phases of a job can severely impact not only this particular jobs progressions and turnaround time but can also have a major impact on your ability to take on and executer new work to keep your company growing. So it’s important that you have people on hand for any kind of eventuality. However unfortunately not all labourers were created equally, some labourers will be proactive and useful, able to quickly spot and carry out the work that needs doing and has the basis of knowledge to build on their skills, at least enough that they can get started with the more menial tasks while you plan and execute the more important or technically difficult work.

However, we all know what’s being spoken about when I say that some laborers just don’t want to put in the elbow grease needed to get the job done. Really this argument could be made for any industry or company but in the construction game, it becomes very apparent, very quickly who is pulling their weight and getting things done efficiently and who is a bit of a dead weight. Normally this is reserved for newer laborers to the trade and in some instances should be cut some slack, however if it looks like they aren’t even trying to improve after the second week it’s definitely time to find somebody new.


Gadgets and software

There are things that you will obviously need in your arsenal to get the larger or more difficult jobs done in an organized and efficient manner with every consideration given to the intricacies and small details of the job at hand and to give and get in return a comprehensive overview of the work that needs doing and what you will need to do it. Sometimes it pays to have a this equipment rented (normally larger earthmoving vehicles or things you won’t have a need for outside of this particular job, like pressure jacks or elevation platforms) and for some of these things like scaffolding you will even need to hire the services of another contractor to help you out, which is often not the course of action most tradies want to take in any circumstances.

However some of the things that you will need, like the software for builders, that is specifically designed to help you in a wide variety of different ways  from quickly evaluating the work required and what you will need to complete the job in terms of materials and tools, or things like cement mixers and electric meters to test the voltage running through a particular point and whether it’s safe to drill or otherwise work are better to have on hand at all times rather than hiring or using somebody else’s for the day. Often times you will find that with these things, due to their nature that they can be expensive, however, the initial investment pays off in efficiency and safety a lot of the time, giving you that extra peace of mind that the job will get done on time and that your workers are protected.