Trade shows and how to get the most out of your time there

The trade show has long been a staple of many industries; their main objective is to assist individual companies in their networking and outreach efforts to help them not only connect with other businesses but also to promote their service in a productive, business orientated environment.

It is also a great chance to help you connect with influencers within your given industry and to eye up the competition, however, some amount of planning needs to go into your appearance to maximize the benefit to your individual company and turn this networking opportunity into new clients and business associates.

Say it loud with a speaking slot

Getting yourself up on the stage in front of everybody at the show may seem like an extremely daunting prospect but if you think you have a good message and a product that could go down well with the crowd, then it is definitely worth your while to get up there and give it a go.

Bear in mind that getting up on stage in front of that many people will require some amount of planning and strategizing to make the most out of your speaking time. Try brainstorming with any relevant members of staff a few days before you go and discuss what kind of topics that you could talk about.

Pamphlets and Pens: Promotional Materials

Obviously you are going to want to maximize your exposure and increase the chances of a interested attendee of the trade show making an enquiry.

So make sure that you first of all have enough promotional materials to spread the word and drive people to your stall, these can be the traditional pamphlet detailing where you are at the show but also you professional contact details in case they wish to enquire at a later date, or even company branded pens to maximize long term exposure.

Also you need to have staff to hand out the pamphlets and other materials and the new meta is to have what’s called Promotional Staff, these temporary employees not only assist you with the menial task of handing out pamphlets but also they have skills and assets that can draw people to your stall.

From fire jugglers to models and body builders there’s bound to be some kind of promotional staff that suits your requirements. Follow this link to finds out more about hiring promotional staff

Your Show Stand

Another thing that requires some thought is what kind of things that you will be displaying and showcasing at your event, it’s all about being bright, eye-catching and displaying your value clearly to potential customers.

The new trend for achieving this at the moment is to have interactive elements such as i-pads with fill in forms or presentations on them and staff member s giving demonstrations and fielding questions from people in the crowd.