The Various Qualities of Tinted Windows

More and more homes feature large expanses of glass. Whether it is just windows or full-scale glass walls, the introduction of additional light into the home can make it feel more spacious, luxurious and allows you to enjoy panoramic, unobstructed views of the outside world. Whilst we require vitamins from the sun, overexposure to it can prove to be very harmful. In addition to this, we can make our homes more tempting to intruders given that our possessions are on show and sometimes large glass areas or big windows can reduce the feeling of privacy we crave in our homes. Window tinting is an easy way to resolve all of these factors whilst allowing you to continue enjoying the benefits of using glass in the home.

Reduced Maintenance Bills

Through solar tinting the windows in the home, the sun’s heat can be reflected considerably. In warmer climates experienced in many parts of China and India this can reduce your air conditioning bills enormously. They are beneficial for colder climates too as they will hold the heat within the home in the colder periods and so consequently reduce heating bills. You can choose what degree of shading you want the windows to have thus window tinting can cater specifically to your needs and local climate.

Added Security

tinted windowsObviously large expanses of glass look fantastic to us but they can also be a hindrance in terms of intruders. It is impossible to hide your possessions within the home from peeping toms looking through the glasswork and realistically you shouldn’t be having to do this anyway. After all this is your place of solace from the world and as such you should be able to leave your personal items as you see fit. Certain items such as large televisions or furniture simply cannot be moved anyway. Through glass tinting you can make the windows and glass able to provide external views when sitting inside but block out the view when looking from the outside in. This will prevent burglars from being enticed into your property by the goods they seek lying there staring them in the face.

Increased Privacy

glass frostingYou should always feel that you are tucked away from passers-by, neighbours and strangers when you are snuggled up in your home. Perhaps you have one direction facing directly towards the next door house or an area where people can continually see in. So how can you do this whilst maintaining those large windows and glass walls? Through Solar Graph glass tinting you can keep an element of privacy without sacrificing the views and other benefits of glasswork in the home. You can even make use of glass frosting for rooms such as the bathroom, toilet and bedrooms without having to lose the incoming light. In addition to this, it will give an added layer of security making the windows more secure from being broken or shattered by accidental or deliberate impacts.